Business Issues

Investors, small business owners and entrepreneurs should clearly understand how their business can be structured. A key factor in this decision is how much liability the individual is willing to undertake. There are business structures which limit the liability of the individual when properly structured and maintained. There are also tax issues depending on how your business is set up. Finally, a clear understanding of expectations, roles and responsibilities and how or whether business interests can be conveyed or transferred is essential to establishing a business with the potential to grow and succeed. All business structures can benefit from written procedures for their management and operation, and such documents promote the smooth operation of business. Some types of business structures to consider are:

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Partnerships/Joint Ventures
  • Sole Proprietorships

The type of entity appropriate for your business depends on many factors, and the attorneys at Dietze and Davis can assist you with your decision and establishment of the appropriate entity.

Another consideration for business is Employment Law.  Both businesses and employees should understand their roles, rights and obligations to insure compliance and ultimately, success.  The attorneys at Dietze and Davis can assist both owners and employees with employment issues.

Finally, in the event that disputes arise over business matters, litigation or other dispute resolution may be necessary.  Dietze and Davis attorneys practice in the area of business and commercial litigation and can assist with such issues.

Our business practice group: