Karl F. Kumli and Star L. Waring Record a Nationwide Webinar CLE: Water Rights Title Law From Start to Finish

Recently Karl and Star traveled to Minnesota and Wiscons into record a seven credit-hour continuing legal education webinar regarding water rights title law.  Some of the topics that were covered were:  water right in a nutshell; deciphering water right legal descriptions; conducting a water rights title search; drafting water right title opinions; curing water right title defects; conducting water right quiet title actions; and ethics for water rights attorneys.  This CLE will be broadcast on September 3, 2015 from 11am-6pm Eastern Standard Time.  To sign up, or for more information please click here. This is the second time that Star and Karl have recorded a webinar for NBI.  They continue to be impressed by the professionalism of the NBI team.

As an added bonus, on their return trip, Star and Karl stopped through Minneapolis where they did a “field inspection” of Carmen Danielson’s legal alma mater, William Mitchell College of Law.  Their “drive by” tour of Minneapolis also included an all-too-brief stop at Fort Snell Historic Site, the beautiful Summit Ave. District and the pulsing Grand Avenue commercial area.  Karl and Star report that if you find yourself in need of a meal in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, you’ll be grateful if you can stop by a restaurant called Manny’s.  They were amazed at the Mexican food they had there – and we supposed that “south of the border” in Wisconsin meant Iowa or Illinois.  Not so!