Still Has Some Bar Exam Chops

Karl Kumli was surprised, pleased and proud to be informed by letter that he has passed the bar examination for the Courts of the Jicarilla Apache Nation of New Mexico.  The exam, which was given in the Jicarilla capital city of Dulce, New Mexico on September 4, 2015, was challenging for Karl, as he last sat for a bar exam over 33 years ago.  The Jicarilla Bar Exam consisted of essay, short answer and multiple choice questions upon traditional bar subjects (including one question which dealt with exceptions to the hearsay rule under the Federal Rules of Evidence), questions particular to the State of New Mexico and a large number of questions taken directly from the Jicarilla Tribal Code, which is several hundred pages long.  Karl noted that he was probably the oldest of the dozen candidates for testing.  Other attorneys who sat for the exam were from several other states, including Washington and New Mexico.  A tribal swearing-in ceremony is slated for September 24.  Before the year is out, Karl plans to add the New Mexico State bar to the list of seven other federal and state courts before which he is admitted.  Karl hopes that the New Mexico process will be a bit easier, however, as the State of New Mexico has recently offered reciprocity to Colorado attorneys under certain circumstances.